Monday, October 12, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

Tis the time of year that tomatoes make their last appearance...

so it's time to take these Ruby beauties..
Slice them up real nice... Set the Timer... 
Throw them in the dehydrator and wait .. 
Until they reach the perfect chewy/crisp texture ! Perfect for a tomato sauce or soup on a cold winter's day.

Here is the last of my garden harvest

Lemon cuke, california chilli, japanese tomatoes and a few romas.. to make this salad that I ate nearly daily all summer long...

It's fall now... 

Time for the ghosts and goblins and little devils to come out and play..

Now if That is not the Perfect Costume..!
Devil Or Angel??
Last year she was a pirate girl, now  a devil..lord help me for next year..

Malcolm wants to show you his costume now..

Yes, you are correct, he is Janet Leigh in the movie 'Psycho'. He's a dead ringer if you ask me.

Don't tell him I told you, he thinks no one will guess!

He decided against his "Captain Underpants" outfit, just could not bear the boy shorts on his ears!

Enjoy All your Ruby Tuesdays,
Sam Deb and Malcolm, master of disguise

12 amazing comments:

Alissa said...

i love sam's costume!! i just did my last harvest too. i have so many green tomatoes!

bitt said...

Malcom cracks me up.

Sam looks great as a devil too.

KombuchaCHIC said...

So cute! Janet Leigh! LOL that cracks me up. Those tomatoes look divine!

Earth Mother said...

Lovely t'maters you have there, Deb! *wink*

Sam, please, can you stop growing now? Well, you are one BEAUTIFUL lil' devil.

Malcolm. Be still my heart. Captain Underpants, indeed!


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debbiedoesraw said...

Thanks gal.
Tis a mystery to me, where is Disquis?
must investigate. hmmmm
deb xoxo

shannonmarie said...

Those costumes are adorable. My son wants to be Captain Underpants, too. Seriously :-)

Lisa is Raw on $10 a Day (or less!) said...

isn't it sad when the tomato season ends? ... you have a lovely little devil and the janet legh doggie cracked me up ...

saw your post in the oprah thread on the fu today ... wow, you're just glowingly gorgeous :)

Iris said...

I love it I love it I love it!

debbiedoesraw said...

thanks to you all!
new post soon, so much to show you!

Lauren said...

Sam is always adorable!!!

debbiedoesraw said...

Thanks Lauren!
She is gearing up for Halloween. All I can say is, just wish she was not getting so big so darn fast!
love deb

Isle Dance said...