Friday, September 12, 2008

We Interrupt Packing to say Hello and Goodbye for Now!

The Mom's Going Away Face

'Just as one cannot clean a kitchen without a sponge, the human body cannot eliminate without fiber. Picture yourself being challenged to clean some large, dirty space like a garage, with nothing more but plastic wrap. I would give up. The human body won’t give up, but if there is no fiber, the first thing that happens is our skin tries to take on the elimination ‘job’ and as a result the skin becomes rough and bumpy. When our bowels are clogged, our body attempts to excrete more mucus, through our eyes, nose, and throat, we sweat a lot more – the body uses every possible channel to eliminate, but it’s like pushing the garbage out through the window screen instead of the door. By consuming enough insoluble fiber we unlock the door to eliminate toxins from the body the easy and normal way.'
Victoria Boutenko, Green For Life

I am busy packing, checking lists, weather, making sure I have my windbreaker (!) and trying to fit some yoga in. Sam is less than thrilled that I am leaving.. this is the first time I have left since I had to go away for work when she was an infant. Tears flowed, hugs were longer, kisses were many, but I know she will be fine. I set up Hallmark ecards to arrive each day while I am gone and of course I will call each night to tuck her in. I can't say that I don't feel a tug at my heart too.. my girl and I are together most all the time, all these 7 years.

Sam, I love you so much. You are my sweet special angel. Be a good girl for Daddy and be nice to Malcolm.
I will come home with raw chocolate for all and many tales of adventure, sort of like a raw Pippy Longstocking.

So saddle up cowpokes, I am riding out to Sedona to join the Raw Spirit Festivities
Drink your Enzymes!

Whirled Peas
Deb xoxoxo
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